Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Onion Project - Growing from scraps

A few weeks ago I noticed half of an onion in a bag in the fridge that was growing roots and had leaves started out of the top. Since I have never grown onion in any way, I thought why not give a try growing one from scraps. I know there are many things you can "regrow" from kitchen scraps (celery, garlic, carrot tops, etc). I have never regrown anything, so I decide to grow some green onions. I put the onion (still in the baggy) in my kitchen window sill and within just a few days I had beautiful green leaves pushing out the top of the bag. A few days later found an onion that had gotten lost in the pantry that was already growing leaves and decided to do the same with that one. Now I have 2 onions (1 half and 1 whole) growing on my window sill. Here is how the rest of the project finished out...

1. After the leaves started growing well. I removed the onions from the plastic baggies they were in.
2. I removed all of the skins from the bulb, being careful not to tear any roots off.

3. After finding that one of the onions had 2 bulbs, I separated these bulbs using a paring knife. Being careful again not to damage any roots.

  4. I filled a few extra pots I had lying around with a dirt and potting soil mixture. I planted the onions fully covering the bulbs with soil.

5. Now I can go out on my back porch and snip off green onions whenever I please, instead of running to the store to buy a bunch.
With this being my first experience with onions, (and regrowing scraps at all) I have no idea what to expect from here. I don't know if the plants will bolt (and if they do, should I save the seeds to plant next year?) I don't know how long they will provide me with these beautiful green onions. All I know is that I am excited that I've made it this far with my onion project and we will just have to wait and see what happens. Maybe I'll try garlic next....
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